Potential lecture Ideas:
1. When can my child go back to school?
2. Blue Baby
3. The neuro exam (or other specific exams)
4. Visual diagnosis
5. Audio diagnosis
6. Cough in pediatrics (how to differentiate from pertussis from other coughs, how do they presents, and when to suspect pertussis and what tests and treatments and the course the disease and does it need to be reported to the CDC, and the literature behind treatments for bronchiolitis and croup)
7. How to different pediatric murmurs and determine which ones are innocent

For your best chance of getting helpful feedback, send your outline to your PEM fellow moderator at least one month in advance, and go over your slides with your fellow moderator at least one week in advance.

Triangle of learning:
  • A/V inclusion - video (youTube!!); use www.savedeo.com to download videos to your presentation file. Do not rely on wifi.
  • Include more high quality photos (reminder on how to get high-quality free photos on google)
  • Input from multiple sources - not just a textbook or Uptodate
  • If your slide is COMPLEX - say something SIMPLE. (conversely If your slide is simple you can say something complex)

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  • Avoid memes and cartoons in your slides. They generally distract from your message.
  • Minimize the amount of text on slides
  • Stay focused on your topic, try to become a 30 min expert in something

Ideas for talks:
Non-infectious fever differential diagnosis