Off-Service Rotations
Fellows scheduled for an off-service rotation (i.e. PICU, Adult ED, OB, etc.) should contact the program coordinator 30-60 days in advance to:
  • Confirm that you are indeed on the schedule to rotate on their service
  • Determine the exact date, time, and location of where you are to report on the first day of duty
  • Communicate any special requests (if permitted) regarding days off (mandatory PEM meetings, exams, etc.)
  • NOTE: Refer to the policies and procedures regarding vacation time during off-service rotations

There is a wide range of electives available and PEM fellows are encouraged to discuss your options with Dr. Young. Once you have decided what elective you wish to take, you should:
  • Contact the service/program and get a verbal approval for the time-frame in which you want to take the elective
  • Complete an "Elective Request" and turn into Shelly. She will process the slip for appropriate signatures
  • THINK THREE MONTHS AHEAD OF YOUR ELECTIVE MONTH so you have plenty of time to submit an elective request form and receive permission.

Click here to view the contact list for Off-Service and common Elective rotations

Leave Requests
  • Leave requests must be turned into Shelly as soon as verbal approval has been given
  • IF any of the "Leave" is to attend a meeting/conference related to your training and/or professional career, you must separate out the number of those days on the request.
  • Click here to view an example of a Leave Request that includes attendance at a conference. The Leave Request will self duplicating form that must be filled out signed by the necessary parties and returned to Dawn three months ahead of your expected leave.